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Monday, 26 September 2011

NOTD: half moon manicure

Read on for details and tutorial.

I definitely love the vintage feel to this design. It reminds me of the 1940s. I used Revlon's Gold Coin for the moon and Rimmel's  Lasting Finish Pro in Purple Rain

To do this manicure, you'll need two different colours of polish. Preferably one lighter and one quite a bit darker for more contrast. 

Step 1: Paint your nails the lighter colour (or darker, depending on the look you're going for). Wait for it to dry completely 

Step 2: Place a reinforcement sticker (those donut shaped stickers for loose leaf) about 1/3 of the way up the nail from the bottom. Stick it securely. 

Step 3: Paint the darker/other colour on the exposed nail. If it doesn't become opaque in 1 coat, paint another on directly after. Do not let the previous coat dry or else the sticker will be difficult to pull off. 

Step 4: Clean up the nails using a Q-Tip and acetone. Wait approximately 10 minutes and then use a Quick Dry nail top coat, so the design doesn't smudge.

Thanks for looking, hope you try this look. 


  1. done pretty well!!! i like it!!!


  2. this is stunning! perfect for fall :)

    I found your blog from Ariel at http://chiclookxo.blogspot.com/ :)

    I've followed you, check out my blog? :)



  3. Love the choice of colours for this style.